Version 43 release notes

- (Hopefully) Fixed teleportation, so that enemies don't spawn close to you and you don't spawn close to them

- Added snazzy graphical-effects when hitting the Aliens, Robots and Mouths with your lasers (to provide better visual feedback)
- Gave the Robots slightly better visual feedback (their eyes turn red and they stop moving about as... 'calmly' when they are ready to detonate)
- Fullscreen by default - needs more tweaking, but the game will now return [to] fullscreen after just as soon as you start a level
- Limited the number of Aliens/Robots/Mouths on each level to 100, in order no to get completely swarmed (that is: 42 Aliens/28 Robots/30 Mouths)
- Debug GUI back (for now)


Space 5 MB
Feb 21, 2019

Get Space Jesus vs. The Intergalactic Earth-Invaders from Beyond Outer Space

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