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‘The Pitch’

1/3 Alien, 1/3 Robot, 1/3 Jesus of Nazareth 100% Bad-Ass.

Fast-paced dual fire-button Arcade action.

Armed with the ability to fly and fire lasers from your eyes, you as Space Jesus must stop the Alien Invasion and Satan from taking over Earth. Challenge your friends to a game of high-score. One round will take you anywhere between 10 seconds to twenty minutes. You got one life. You better have your wits about you and learn the control-scheme, else you will fail time and time again.

2,000 years ago a man was abducted from Jerusalem, by Aliens and transmutated into an Alien/Robot/Human -hybrid, meant to be the Ultimate Force of Destruction. But what the Aliens didn't count on, was that He had something which they could never control: His Spirit.

Now - thousands of years later, the Aliens have come back to Earth to enslave Human-kind.

But little do they know, that *Space Jesus* has broken free from his imprisonment and is headed [back] to Earth, in order to stop the incoming assault.

Armed with the ability to fly and shoot lasers out of his eyes and with his trusty (but faulty) Robots friend by his side (a little bit everywhere, actually) - you must help *Space Jesus* fend off the Aliens and save Earth from enslavement by the Technological Overlords.

But wait... what is this? Oh no! It seems that Satan has gotten his ass outta Hell!? In person!? *And* he is wreaking havoc *and also* destruction.
Having had a breeze for thousands of years, with Jesus gone, suddenly even Satan has to make an actual effort. And he's stealing all your precious points!? And only seems to grow bigger and bigger the more Aliens, Robots, laser-beams and motherships he devours.
But will his insatiable hunger for *more* truly succeed, or will he find that he bit off more than he could chew?

Find out now, in this exciting new arcade-style game (with original concept/design) from Lord_Santa: Space Jesus vs. The Intergalactic Earth-Invaders from Beyond Outer Space!

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Install instructions

Simply download and extract the .zip file anywhere on your computer and the entire game will reside within that folder, along with all the documents necessary. To uninstall, simply delete the "Space Jesus" -folder.


Space Jesus_v66_Windows.zip 8 MB
Space Jesus_v66_Linux.zip 8 MB
Space Jesus_v66.apk 11 MB

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Google Play port [available now]


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