Version 53-66

Version 54:

            - Android Port!
            - New UI/Buttons for Android phones
            - Rewrote some fundamentals of how the game works/Does not affect gameplay
Version 55:
            - Fixed the High-score -saver
            - Increased the size of the 'touch' -area for turning Left/Right on Android Port
            - (Finally) Added level-transition screens in Wave-mode
            - Blowing up Alien Spaceships now give you 1/6th HaloBlast -boost
            - (Hopefully) fixed the HaloBlast once and for all (so that it [sticks] to the player at all times)
            - Satan is now destroyed by HaloBlast
            - Android/Linux/Windows now on same version number (Currently v55)
Version 66:
            - Due to various Google Play issues, I was forced to push through multiple update-revisions, containing absolutely no relevant changes whatsoever.
            - Google Play port.
            - Android/Google Play/Linux/Windows on same version (Currently v0.6.6 aka v66)


Space 8 MB
Apr 14, 2019
Space 8 MB
Apr 14, 2019
Space Jesus_v66.apk 11 MB
Apr 14, 2019

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