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2tinycowboys is an action-packed western-themed arcade multi-scrolling platformer in 2D, with huge variety, in which you take the role of one of 8 different cowboys, each with his/her own play-style. It has up to 4 players split-screen multiplayer available and quirky game-play and characters

You can enter almost any building and each character has eight different hair-styles available at the barbershop

The Protagonists:

Clint: Does not get bitten by snakes.
Esmaralda: Does not get bitten by spiders.
Felipe: Has a short-sword, rather than a knife (Longer stab-range).
Ma' Belle: Able to take two arrows, before dying.
Mercedes: Gets 2 jump-boots, rather than one, on pickup.
Rose: Jumps higher than everyone else.
Santiago: Fires faster than the others.
Zeke: Has penetrating bullets that will kill all enemies in one shot.

The Enemies:

Ndyan - Bow: If quick enough, you can shoot his arrows.
Ndyan - Spear: This guy takes 2 bullets before going down. Long reach in melee, but no ranged weapons.
Ndyan - Tomahawk: Keep track of his bounce and beware, it will take you 4 bullets to kill him off for good. Killing one will resurrect the other.
Sherif && Sherif Twin: Fast draw, quick-shooter. Careful with shooting hiting their bullets. The sherrif and his Twin will take 3 shots each to kill.
Robot: Made of indestructible material and fires lasers. Bullets will ricochet right off of these guys; You're best bet is to jump over him.
Zombies: These undead cowboys can take 5 bullets before going down, becoming slower by each hit. Stabbing will instantly kill them, however.
Tentacle: These will kill you instantly.

Snakes: Sometimes easy to spot, sometimes hidden in the undergrowth. Their venomous bite will poison the player, giving them one minute to find a anti-venom.
Spiders & Bats: These will stun the player for a few seconds. If however the player has been bitten by a snake previous, then they will be instantly killed.
Ooze: This will slow you down for a few seconds, while decreasing your jump.
Boulders: On certain levels there are boulders coming down from the mountains above. You can stab these, or try to jump them, else instant death.

The Loot:

Goldbars: These are what you want. Get all 12 to win the level.
Hats: Extra lives.
Boots: Double-jump.
Anti-venom: Negates snake-bite.
Ammo: More ammunition for your gun.

The different difficulty levels alter the game in the following ways:

Easy: No boulders, robots, sherifs, tentacles or zombies. Vultures don't pick up Tomahawk Ndyan, Goldbars or Snakes & Spiders.

Medium: No robots, no tentacles or boulders. Vultures don't pick up Tomahawk Ndyan or Snakes.

Hard: Your default game-mode, 2tinycowboys as it was intended. Challenging, but fun; Especially in multiplayer. But do feel free to pick any level of challenge to get acquainted with the game, before advancing to this. 2tinycowboys is about having fun, for everyone and more difficulty-modes may be included at later date.

The potions and NPC's are still  W.I.P., but implemented for now to flesh out the game as well as being further tweaked with increasing patches.

You are able to enter all buildings with a door on the front. These wiil be more 'useful' for future patches, once I've gotten an economy going, etc.

Multiplayer is being tweaked all the time, but fully functional and a real blast to play.

Ndyan character on the select-screen and 'test' level are very much W.I.P. and should not be taken as part of the final product.

The Ndyan level 1 is almost complete, however - so feel free to check it out.

The Ndyan levels will be the same, general as those for the cowboys, with the same platforms, etc. but with different enemies and structures in various places.
I have created five specific Cavalry enemies for the Ndyan levels, as well as having the Protagonists in that level. Your goal is not to grab all the gold, as an Ndyan, but rather to gather keys and rescue your fellow tribe-members. The gameplay is slightly different in a lot of aspects, but as mentioned very much work in progress. Ndyan will also be availabe for multiplayer, as well as Ndyan-levels, in future patches.

Updated 22 days ago
StatusIn development
GenrePlatformer, Shooter
Made withGameMaker: Studio, Aseprite
Tags2D, Arcade, Multiplayer, Short, Split Screen, Western
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 4


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